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Беатрикс Поттер стихи
                                    Bow, wow, wow, whose dog art thou?

Bow, wow, wow!Беатрикс Поттер стихи
Whose dog art thou?
'I'm little Tom Tinker's dog,
Bow, wow, wow!'

Knitting, knitting, 8, 9, 10,
I knit socks for gentlemen;
I love muffin and I love tea;
Knitting, knitting, i, 2, 3!

Беатрикс Поттер стихи
Беатрикс Поттер стихи

The mouse's find
I found a tiny pair of gloves
When Lucie'd been to tea,
They were the dearest little loves—
I thought they'd do for me—

I tried them—(quite inside them!)
They were much too big for me!
I wear gloves with one button-hole
When I go out to tea.

I'll put them in an envelope
With sealing wax above,
I'll send them back to Lucie—
I'll send them with my love. 
Беатрикс Поттер стихи
Goosey Goosey Gander
Goosey, goosey, gander,
Whither will you wander?
Upstairs and downstairs
And in my lady's chamber!

There I met an old man
That would not say his prayers,
So I took him by the left leg
And threw him down the stairs!

Беатрикс Поттер жабыБеатрикс Поттер стихи
If acorn-cups were tea-cups.

If acorn-cups were tea-cups,
what should we have to drink?
Why! honey-dew for sugar,
in a cuckoo-pint of milk;
With pats of witches' butter
and a tansey cake, I think,
Laid out upon a toad-stool
on a cloth of cob-web silk!
Беатрикс Поттер лошадь

Ride a cock-horse

Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross
To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
And she shall have music wherever she goes!


Беатрикс Поттер корабль
I saw a ship a-sailing

I saw a ship a-sailing   
A-sailing on the sea;
And Oh! it was all laden
With pretty things for thee!

There were comfits in the cabin
And apples in the hold;
The sails were made of silk
And the masts were made of gold.

And four and twenty sailors
That stood upon the decks
Were four and twenty white mice
With chains about their necks.

The captain was a guinea-pig—
The pilot was a rat—
And the passengers were rabbits
Who ran about, pit pat!
 Беатрикс Поттер корабльБеатрикс Поттер морская свинкаБеатрикс Поттер стихиБеатрикс Поттер стихи
Беатрикс Поттер Волшебный караван

Hark! hark! the dogs do bark

Hark! hark!
The dogs do bark,
The beggars are come to town,
Some in tags
And some in rags
And one in a velvet gown!

Беатрикс Поттер мышь

The old woman who lived in a shoe

You know the old woman who lived in a shoe,
And had so many children she didn't know what to do?
She gave them some broth without any bread,
She whipped them all round and put them to bed.
I'm sure if she lived in a little shoe house,
That little old woman was surely a mouse!   

Беатрикс Поттер мышки

The see-saw

Two little mice were playing a game—
—Thingummy-jig and Whatzisname—
'You're too little and I'm too big,'
Said Whatzisname to Thingummy-jig.

'You're too tiny but I am too tall!'
'I'm enormous but you are too small!'
Up and down—'Why we're just the same!'
Said Thingummy-jig to Whatzisname.

Беатрикс Поттер кролик

Cecily Parsley

Cecily Parsley lived in a pen,
And brewed good ale for gentlemen;

Gentlemen came every day,
Till Cecily Parsley ran away.


Old Mother Hubbard
Беатрикс Поттер собачка

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard,
To get her poor dog a bone;
But when she got there
The cupboard was bare,
And so the poor doggie had none.

   She went to the baker's                     She went to the ale-house
To buy him some bread,                   To get him some beer,
But when she came back                     But when she came back
The poor dog was dead.                   The dog sat in a chair.

 She went to the joiner's                     She went to the tavern
  To buy him a coffin,                         For white wine and red,
  But when she came back                    But when she came back
  The poor dog was laughing.                   The dog stood on his head.

         She took a clean dish                  She went to the hatter's
To get him some tripe,                To buy him a hat,
    But when she came back                  But when she came back
    He was smoking a pipe.                   He was feeding the cat.

She went to the fishmonger's               She went to the barber's
To buy him some fish,               To buy him a wig,
And when she came back                    But when she came back
He was licking the dish.                 He was dancing a jig.
She went to the fruiterer's                   She went to the seamstress
To buy him some fruit,               To buy him some linen,
But when she came back               But when she came back
He was playing the flute.           The dog was spinning.

She went to the tailor's                She went to the hosier's
 To buy him a coat,                   To buy him some hose,
But when she came back                But when she came back
              He was riding a goat.              He was dressed in his clothes.

   She went to the cobbler's            The dame made a curtsy,
To buy him some shoes,            The dog made a bow;
          But when she came back            The dame said, 'Your servant',
He was reading the news.              The dog said, 'Bow-wow'.
Беатрикс Поттер портной из глостераБеатрикс Поттер улитка

Four-and-twenty tailors

Four-and-twenty tailors
Went to catch a snail,
The best man amongst them
Durst not touch her tail;
She put out her horns
Like a little kyloe cow,
Run, tailors, run! or she'll have you all e'en now!

Once I saw a little bird
Беатрикс Поттер птичка
Беатрикс Поттер кошка
Once I saw a little bird 
Come hop, hop, hop! 
So I cried: 'Little bird, 
Will you stop, stop, stop?'

And was going to the window
To say, 'How do you do ?'
But he shook his little tail
 And away he flew.
I had a little dogБеатрикс Поттер песик

I had a little dog,
And they called him Buff!
I sent him to the shop
For a ha'p'orth of snuff;
Беатрикс Поттер поросенокBut he lost the bag,
And spill'd the snuff,
So take that cuff!
And that's enough.

Gravy and potatoes

Gravy and potatoes
In a good brown pot—
Put them in the oven,
and serve them very hot!

Беатрикс Поттер камин

The kettle's song

With pomp power and glory the world beckons vainly,
In chase of such vanities why should I roam?
While peace and content bless my little thatched cottage,
And warm my own hearth with the treasures of home

Old King ColeБеатрикс Поттер поросенок

Old King Cole was a merry old soul,
And a merry old soul was he,
He called for his pipe
And he called for his bowl,

And he called for his fiddlers three-
Fiddle fiddle fiddle!
Went the fiddlers three,
Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle, fiddle, fee!
Oh there's none so rare
As can compare
With King Cole and his fiddlers three!
Беатрикс Поттер мальчик набросок

Little lad, little lad

Little lad, little lad,
where was't thou born?
Far off in Lancashire under a thorn,
Where they sup sour milk, in a ram's horn!
Беатрикс Поттер рисунок овец
Shepherdess of fields on high

Shepherdess of fields on high,
Drive in your thousand sheep!
Flocks that stray across the sky,
And clouds that sail the deep!
Беатрикс Поттер овцы
The shepherd boy's song

Spring conies to the uplands, the cuckoo is calling,
Sweet gale and green withy unfolding their leaves.
There's honey bees humming and swallows a-coming
-Come back pretty wanderers! come nest 'neath the eaves!

Now Summer is smiling mid roses beguiling.
With hay cocks and harvest and 'taties to store,
Brave autumn comes prancing with fiddles and dancing
And leads the kern supper with jigs on the floor.
Blow cold winds of winter, we'll shutter the window!
Shine keen frosty starlight when tempests are stilled;
Is there snow on the door stane?
Heap peats on the hearth stone
Sing little black kettle—the year is fulfilled.

Buttercup land

Беатрикс Поттер феиWhen swift cloud shadows race over the hills—
Where tinkling water leaps down the steep ghylls
On wide brown sands at the edge of the sea-
Little odd people come whisper to me!

Under the bracken and wood moss they peep,
 And play in the moonlight when other folks sleep,
They hide in the sweet-smelling hay in the barn,
And under the wainscots and tubs at the farm.
Land of kind dreams, where the mountains are blue, 
Where brownies are friendly and wishing comes true!
Through your green meadows they dance hand in hand-
-Little odd people of Buttercup Land.
Беатрикс Поттер мышки

Three little mice sat down to spin

Three little mice sat down to spin,
Pussy passed by and she peeped in.
'What are you at, my fine little men ?'
'Making coats for gentlemen.'
'Shall I come in and cut off your threads?'
'Oh, no! Miss Pussy, you'd bite off our heads!'


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